Asset Management of Telecom Towers :

  • It is vital for companies with remote assets to enable monitoring, control and remote data collection capabilities. Reindeer provides companies integrated remote monitoring and O&M services that provides insight to company decision-makers.
  • The Solution consists of active RFID tag and Reader used to manage critical assets in telecom towers.
  • The RFID tag is mounted on critical assets like Diesel Generators, Air Conditioners, Radio Equipment etc. and the tags will have constant communication with the reader indicating the presence of the asset.
  • The cutting edge Asset Management solution using Active RFID is a Home-Grown(Patent Pending) solution from reindeer.

Key Parameters:

  • The reader has RS-485/GSM/GPRS connectivity for sharing the data to a remote location.
  • The RFID tags are fitted with tamper-proof alarm so removal of the tag from the asset would generate an alarm.
  • Tags are fitted with non-rechargeable battery which can last 5-7 years.
  • Various parameters of the tag and reader can be configured through a user-friendly software.
  • Wall mountable tags and covers range of over 200 meters line of sight.

Schematic Overview