Reindeer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has a comprehensive post warranty annual maintenance program to ensure satisfactory operation of its products up to the designed life. The following are the terms and conditions for the annual maintenance program:

(a) The customer shall request for entering into a annual maintenance contract with REINDEER for the product supplied to them before the end of the warranty period.

(b) REINDEER will offer them annual maintenance services for a period of one year. This period is renewable on an annual basis but before the expiry of the existing annual maintenance contract

(c) REINDEER will offer the service to the customer on chargeable basis, the charges depending on the products supplied, its age and also its condition at the time of submission of offer.

(d) On acceptance of the annual maintenance charge, a formal agreement shall be signed by the customer and REINDEER listing out the scope of the maintenance.

(e) In general, REINDEER will visit the customer 4 times a year on quarterly basis.

(f) Any visits required additionally will be on chargeable basis, the charges to be decided at the time of request by the customer.

(g)REINDEER shall depute its engineer within 48 hours of receipt of communication from the customer incase of breakdown. Regular quarterly visits shall be made after taking prior confirmation from the customer.

(h) Customer shall make available all the necessary facilities for the service engineer to carry out the maintenance work.

(i) During the quarterly visits, the REINDEER engineer will inspect the devices for any external damage, clean the device and check for proper functioning.

(j) Any operational problems encountered by the customer shall be fixed during the quarterly visits.

(k) If a device is defective then the problem will be identified and fixed.

(l) Failed components shall be replaced with new ones provided such failures are due to manufacturing defects or they are likely for fail under deviated operating conditions.

(m)Any component replacement that has significant value shall be charged even if the product is covered under annual maintenance contract. REINDEER reserves the right to take the decision.

(n) Component failure due to external power fluctuations will be replaced on chargeable basis.

(o)All charges payable during the quarterly visits and during breakdown visit shall be made immediately on completion of work and a receipt for the same shall be made available to the customer.

(p) All products shall be serviced at the customer premises mentioned in the terms of the contract.

(q) If a product has a problem that cannot be fixed at the customer site, the product shall be taken back to REINDEER office by the service engineer for service and return.

(r) If the product cannot be hand carried by the service engineer, then such products have to be shipped by the customer to Reindeer office for service and return.

(s) All incidental charges such as courier, handling, insurance etc shall be borne by the customer.

(t) Any damage to the product during shipment to and from REINDEER shall not be binding on REINDEER.

(u) If a product is to be serviced at a place other than the one mentioned in the contract, then additional expenditure involved due to such visits shall be borne by the customer.

(v) The customer shall fill out the customer feedback form to enable REINDEER improve the services.