Reindeer Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading provider of products and solutions in the areas of RF (Radio Frequency), RFID, Zigbee, GSM/GPRS/GPS and other embedded technologies. We serve clients operating in different industry segments such as home and industrial automation, medical electronics, consumer electronics, automotive products, security systems, utilities and more.

We strive to deliver the best for our customers with a penchant for 'Excellence through Innovation'. Our research and development process is fuelled by adopting latest technologies which results in deploying products and solutions with reduced time-to-market
Authorized third party design house and solution provider for Analog Devices Inc, Texas instruments, and Atmel

Reindeer launches SMART CAMPUS using Active RFID Tags for Student Tracking

Reindeer unveils new cutting edge active RFID based asset management solution.

Reindeer launches AMR solutions for energy and water meters.

Reindeer launches Active RFID based Access control for Boom Barriers.