Imagine a fully automated office where all the electrical devices are turned on/off automatically without any human help. This might look like a distant dream to many of us, but Reindeer Technologies has made it possible through an innovative product called Orbit.

Orbit is a cutting-edge product from Reindeer and is used for office automation, security, energy conservation, access control and many other areas.

Orbit has two components. One is a tag and other is a reader. Orbit tag is a personal electronic tag which can be attached to a person or a property.

The intelligent reader tracks the tags and manages the necessary devices through the secure communication from the tag.


Orbit comes with a configuration software tool to change the device settings through which the user can set the following parameters to suit the requirements:






Orbit offers many unprecedented solutions for automation in the field of office and home security, energy management and conservation, machinery and vehicle safety, visitor management in highly secured area, patients monitoring in hospitals and also employee productivity management. It can also be used to protect valuable artefacts in museum. The orbit tag can be put to use in all areas where there is scope for automation. Nonetheless, it is the simplicity of the product that gives the users a major advantage. The sleek design and compact size of the Orbit tag allows the user to carry it very easily. Its function is very simple. No clicks or codes are required from the user.


Technical Description:

Orbit is based on active RFID technology. Each Orbit tag is personalized and is in constant communication with the central unit through encrypted signals. This means that it is impossible to either manipulate or tamper the transmitter or receiver. Alarms are triggered when attempts are made to tamper them.

Features of Orbit   Benefits of Orbit



Device operates in license-free frequency band Plug and play device with no hassles of installation
Miniature Tag Multi-functional tag
Each receiver in the system supports multiple users Completely hands-free access control ,security and energy management device
Battery life is about 12 months Better reliability than any sensor based technology
Equipped with micro - USB for easy programming Customizable features through software
Dust-proof Longer battery life with option to replace batteries
No keypad or other devices that reveal the structure
of the system are involved in Orbit
Energy conservation and management:


Orbit constantly tracks the number of people in the office or home and accordingly regulates the use of electrical devices and appliances like turning on/off the lights, fans, AC, copiers, coffee machines etc. If there is no person in a room then all the electrical devices in that room are switched off automatically. Similarly, when all the employees have left the office, all the electrical devices in the office shut down automatically. No one needs to perform these operations manually. This helps in bringing down the electricity consumption by 10 to 15%.


Security and Access Control:



Orbit is an innovative product that can be used in the field of security. It is a system that allows the user to completely stay away from alarm codes and keys to enter a secure area. Every authorized person is given a unique Orbit tag which is recognized by the Orbit reader. When the authorized user comes near the door, he is given access. If an unauthorized person tries to enter the secured area, the door does not open and is denied access.

In a highly secured area, the orbit reader can be integrated with an additional alarm which is triggered when an unauthorized person tries to enter the room. This is an excellent feature of Orbit tag. The security of the area is maintained 100% without any codes or keys. Similarly, the Orbit tag can be integrated in different access points to eliminate the need of an access card.