We provide high performance, high speed RF and Zigbee transceiver modules for variety of usages in industrial, scientific, consumer and medical applications. All our RF and Zigbee modules come with SPI interface and are easy to interface with any microcontroller. Detailed technical specifications and datasheets of these modules will help you in developing your end product with ease.

Wireless embedded modules (UART) This is a versatile, long range wireless module which can be interfaced through UART to the host microcontroller. The module works as a high power RF transceiver, to transmit the data given through the UART.

Serial to RF converters is highly versatile, low power consuming digital converters that are easy to setup and integrate in any application which requires wireless link to serial data. These Serial converters are plug-and-play devices and come with software based configuration options for managing serial and RF settings and creating different types of networks.

Mastiff™ Coin Tag is a miniature active RFID tag ideal for monitoring assets, cargo or any moving or stationary objects. Enterprises can use this tag to do real-time tracking and monitoring of assets, cargo in fleets or items in a warehouse.

Reindeer’s Mastiff™ Reader is an Active RFID Reader with GSM and GPRS tracking which can be used indoors to track people, vehicles or assets. This is an ideal device to track and monitor students, employees, workers, visitors inside the buildings or outdoors.

Reindeer’s ‘Mastiff™ Tracker’ is a reader with GSM/GPRS and GPS based tracking which can be used in vehicles tracking, fleet management and other machine to machine communication.

Wireless Relay Controls have wide-range of applicability in home and industrial automation domains. Wireless Relay Controls are particularly useful in long range remote switching operations. Our Wireless Relay controls feature a very robust design that guarantee a long term stable performance over many mechanical cycles.