Mastiff Reader module (UART)
This is a versatile, long range Mastiff Reader module which can be interfaced through UART to the host microcontroller. The module works as a high power RF receiver, to receive the data and gives it through the UART to host controller. The module has UART data interface and do the RF communication at 865 MHz to 870 MHz. The integrated RF front end gives an maximum reception gain of +11.6 dB. Most of the RF and other network parameters can be configured on the module through the command interface which makes it flexible for use. The module's form-factor is specially designed to interface with Raspberry -pi board. This module can be integrated with the host controller with little customization and minimum effort.This module will give 1Km range(LOS), when used with Mastiff Long Range Asset Tag. Customers can design their customized Active RFID Reader with their host processors. This reader module supports all Reindeer's Active RFID Tags


  • Smart Metering
  • IEEE 802.15.4g
  • Lighting Control
  • Home Automation
  • Process and Building Control
  • Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Gateways
  • Customized Active RFID Reader

Parameters Value
Frequency 865-867 MHz
Antenna Type External(SMA)
VCC Power Supply 3.6 v
Operating Temperature -40 to 50 °c
Maximum RF Reception Gain 11.6 dB
Reader Module Dimensions 2.22 x 1.187 inches
Sleep mode current consumption 7µA
Configuration of RF settings AT command interface
Receive current Consumption 20mA
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