Wireless Relay Controls









The Wireless relay control systems are capable of covering ranges from 400meters to 1KM line of sight with error free operation. We have RF relay control systems operating in 433 MHz/868 MHz/2.4GHz frequency band. It consists of a control unit and a relay unit. The control unit requires 5V DC for operation, while the relay unit requires a 12V DC supply. The battery life in the relay control system can come up to 1-year as the unit will be in sleep mode when not in operation. The relay unit can be used to drive any kind of AC or DC circuits or devices that can take up to 5 Amps load. The CSMA-CA protocol has been implemented in these relay control systems which avoids false triggering and collisions among the devices operating in the same frequency. The transmit/receive loop is complete with the control unit receiving the acknowledgement from the relay unit for all successful transmissions.


  • Wireless switches and remotes
  • Remote control / security systems
  • Keyless entry
  • Home and industrial automation
  • Process and building control
  • Automotive systems

Parameters Value Value Value
Frequency 433 MHz 868 MHz 2.4 GHz
No of relays 1/2/10 1/2/10 1/2
No of switches 1/2/10 1/2/10 1/2
Antenna Type SMA SMA SMA / CA
Relay specification 5 A @ 230 V 5 A @ 230 V 5 A @ 230 V
VCC power Supply for transmitter 5 V DC 5 V DC 5 V DC
VCC power Supply for receiver 12 V DC 12 V DC 12 V DC
Operating Temperature -40 to 85 °c -40 to 85 °c -40 to 85 °c
RF Output Power +13dBM +10dBM +20 dBM
Operating Current consumption
(Relay OFF position)
22mA 22mA 22mA
Operating Current consumption
(Relay ON position)
65 mA 65 mA 65 mA
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