Mastiff™ Clip Tag for Warehouse Management
Mastiff™ Clip Tag is a active RFID tag ideal for warehouse management. This tag is equipped with Tri-color LED and the clip in the enclosure to fix it in the item to be searched in a warehouse. This Clip tag is used with PoE/Ethernet Reader. The PoE/Ethernet Reader gets the command from the user through internet/intranet and sprays the command wirelessly. When the Clip tag receives the command, it checks whether the tag ID in the command matches with its own ID. If it matches the command will be executed in the tag. Typically the command is to turn ON/OFF the LEDs.

The Clip tag operates with two AAA batteries and gives more than 18 months battery life on typical usage. The tag comes with a wireless configuration feature. The Tag ID and other RF parameters can be changed by doing the wireless configuration with an USB Dongle. These RF parameters includes RF baud rate, frequency channel and the RF receiver sensitivity. The details are given in the user manual.The Low battery is indicated by continuous RED LED blink which prompts the user to change the batteries.


  • Warehouse Management
  • Real-time tracking and monitoring of assets in supply chain, warehouses, hospitals, enterprises etc.
  • Material Pick to light Systems
  • Material flow control and Order Picking

Parameters Value
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 50°C
Dimensions 3.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 (L x W x H) in inches
Color Light Gray
Casing Material Flame Retardant Polycarbonate
DC Source 2 AAA batteries
Battery Life 18 months
Operating Frequency 865 to 870 MHz, 902 to 928 MHz
Modulation GFSK
RF Sensitivity -106 dBm
Data Rate 1.2 kbps to 250 kbps (Default is 100 kbps)
Air Protocol Proprietary
RFID Tag Compatibility Assets and Warehouses
Maximum Range Around 200 meters line of sight
Data Sheet Download
User Manual Download