Ethernet Active RFID Reader for Access Control
Reindeer’s Mastiff™ Ethernet Reader is an Active RFID Reader with Ethernet connectivity which can be used indoors to track people and for the access control. This device can be used to track and monitor students, employees, workers, visitors inside the buildings or outdoors. The reader collects the tag information along with the date and time from the compatible Mastiff™ active RFID tags through its dedicated RFID reader and updates the server through Ethernet.The Ethernet Reader has an RTC with battery backup. It also comes with an internal storage to store the tag data along with date and time at which the tag ID is read. The device can store upto 1300 tag records in its internal memory during network failures. Mastiff™ Ethernet Reader operates with 12V/1A DC power supply. The Reader is equipped with relay which is triggered when the tag is read. Relay comes back to normal state after the pre-configured time interval. Server information, RF parameters and other parameters can be configured to the device through its USB port.

It’s fitted in a heavy duty ABS material which protects the device from normal wear and tear and comes with a flame rating of UL94-5VA. Mastiff™ Ethernet Reader comes with a sleek design and carries a host of LEDs indicators for various functionalities such as Ethernet Communication, RF, Relay and Power. These will be useful during troubleshooting and periodic maintenance.

The device firmware can be upgraded through its USB port. The range of the RFID reader is adjustable and it covers up to 100 meters line of sight. Mastiff™ Reader comes with a small form factor, light-weight and carries an excellent appeal. It complies with standards such as EMI/EMC, FCC and CE making it fully qualified for international deployments with minimum changes.

Based on the protocol used for down-stream server communication, there are two versions of Mastiff™ Ethernet Active RFID Reader is available.

1. Mastiff™ Ethernet Active RFID Reader(TCP Client) User Manual
2. Mastiff™ Ethernet Active RFID Reader(HTTP Client) User Manual


  • Personnel Tracking and Monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Internet Gateway for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Boom Barrier Control
  • Remote Monitoring Applications
  • Access Control applications