Active RFID Reader for Asset and People Tracking
Reindeer’s Mastiff™ Reader is an Active RFID Reader with GSM and GPRS tracking which can be used indoors to track people, vehicles or assets. This is an ideal device to track and monitor students, employees, workers, visitors inside the buildings or outdoors. The reader collects the tag information from the compatible Mastiff™ active RFID tags through its dedicated RFID reader and updates the server through GPRS. Mastiff™ Reader can also be used for Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking, Wireless Sensor Networking and other Machine to Machine (M2M) applications. It’s a stand-alone device which tracks the location of the vehicle and communicates to the down-stream software in a seamless way. It also measures other performance parameters such as engine status, door status, vehicle speed, tamper status etc. and sends them to the server along with timestamp. Mastiff™ Reader is fitted with fully functional GPS tracker and comes with GSM/GPRS connectivity for downs-stream communications. Besides, it has additional power backup which can maintain continuous uptime for 72 hours when external power is disconnected. It also comes with an additional storage of more than 5 GB which can be used as backup communication failures. Mastiff™ Reader has a robust power supply with surge protection and self-resetting fuse which provides excellent power supply isolation and protects from surges when connected to vehicle ignition or to any external devices. It also has self-healing and self-correcting mechanism which will ensure reliable and continuous operation in the long-run with no manual intervention. The rechargeable backup battery makes the device portable and it comes with complete protection such as reverse polarity protection, surge protection and fuse protection.

Mastiff™ Reader is equipped with intelligent sensors and raises alarm when the device is tampered with or on over speeding and sends real-time notifications/alert to back-end software. It’s fitted in a heavy duty ABS material which protects the device from normal wear and tear and comes with a flame rating of UL94-5VA. Mastiff™ Reader comes with a sleek design and carries a host of LEDs indicators for various functionalities such as GSM/GPRS, GPS, Power Supply/Battery Supply, Low Battery Conditions and Tamper Alarms etc. These will be useful during troubleshooting and periodic maintenance.

Remote management is another important feature of the Mastiff™ Reader which will help installation and maintenance engineers to cut down their time from site visits. Remote management and maintenance will help the engineers to upgrade the device configuration and settings, identification of alert situations, pinpoint the location of the device and monitor the health status of the device. Mastiff™ Reader also comes with an integrated RFID reader (UHF band) to track the personnel inside the vehicles or to authenticate the drivers to turn ON the ignition and enable automatic door opening and closing. The range of the RFID reader is adjustable and it covers up to 100 meters line of sight. Mastiff™ Reader comes with a small form factor, light-weight and carries an excellent appeal. It complies with standards such as EMI/EMC, FCC and CE making it fully qualified for international deployments with minimum changes.

Based on the packet format used for down-stream server communication, there are three versions of Mastiff™ GPRS/GPS Active RFID Reader is available.

1. Mastiff™ GPRS/GPS Active RFID Reader(XML data format) User Manual
2. Mastiff™ GPRS/GPS Active RFID Reader(Text data format) User Manual
3. Mastiff™ GPRS/GPS Active RFID Reader(HTTP Post data format) User Manual


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  • Personnel Tracking and Monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Internet Gateway for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Machine to Machine Communication (M2M)
  • Remote Monitoring Applications
  • Telemetric applications