Serial To RF Converter

It is a complete plug and play system where the user can connect two boards and start a wireless communication between them instantaneously. They can be integrated to existing systems without tedious software or hardware changes. The software configuration utility provides options for configuring the following parameters of the device.

  • Serial baud rate.
  • Parity.
  • Stop bits.
  • RF baud rate.
  • RF channel.
  • RF output Power.
  • Options to set device address.
  • Configuration of the device as transmitter, receiver or as repeater.
  • User driven termination character for the transmission.
  • PC COM port selection for communication.


  • Industrial automation
  • Crane control systems
  • Textile instrumentation panels
  • Instrumentation devices interface
  • Digital weighing systems
  • Wireless sensor networking
  • Remote data logging
  • Automated meter reading

Variants :