SMART CAMPUS Student Tracking System
SMART CAMPUS is an initiative by REINDEER TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD towards increasing the safety and security of students inside the buses and in schools/colleges. This has been prompted by the frequent risks faced by the students due to increased crime rate,accidents and natural calamities.

How it Works

The system provides each student with an intelligent identity card similar to the one used at present. The intelligence comes from the fact that the card has electronics and is called Active RFID Tag that is powered by a built in battery. This RFID Tag keeps transmitting wirelessly at periodic intervals, vital data about the student wearing it.

Another electronic unit called the RFID Reader is used to receive the signals sent out by the innumerable Tags. The reader is equipped with GPS facility that enables it to receive data from the GPS satellites as to its location. The reader also has GPRS connectivity with which it communicates with the GSM network and in turn with the Internet. Data received from the Tags and the GPS modem along with additional inputs from dedicated sensors are collated and sent to the server.

A user friendly application running on the server analyses the information and provides reports in different formats.

The Readers can be installed at the schools /colleges as well as the buses used to pickup and drop the students from their home.

The Readers installed at school/college monitor and record the entry and exit times of the students into the institution and also their presence in the school is ensured.

Attendance or absence of the students is recorded automatically as the Tags periodically transmit information wirelessly.

Readers installed in the buses enable recording of the boarding and alighting times of students as also the place. The movement of the buses is also continuously recorded and any deviations from the stipulated operating conditions are alerted.

Benefits to Students/Parents

  • Increased student safety and security
  • Alerts will be sent through SMS and E-mail while at the time of entry and exit of the student
  • Notification on any delays in bus timings due to traffic/accident/natural calamities
  • Ensures safety of student s by monitoring the speed of the vehicle and behaviour of the driver.
  • Real-time access to student information and attendance

Benefits to Schools/Colleges

  • Accurate and automatic attendance recording enables saving in time and effort.
  • Ensures adherence to the prescribed route and timings for efficient operation of the buses.
  • Plan optimal use of the buses based on students' boarding and alighting places.
  • Easy integration with other ERP software.
  • Enables generation of reports in various formats.
  • Scalable system to meet increased student strength and vehicles.

Salient Features

  • Automatic Attendance Management
  • Real-time Vehicle Tracking
  • Optimized Routing
  • Alerts and Events
  • View History
  • Trip Planning
  • Pickup Planning
  • Emergency Evacuation and Alerts
  • Parent Dashboard
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Reports

Product Brochure

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Product Presentation

The presentation of Smart Campus can be downloaded from here