Vehicle Tracking Solution
Reindeer's 'Mastiff ™ Tracker' is a reader with GSM/GPRS and GPS based tracking which can be used in vehicles tracking, fleet management and other machine to machine communication. It's a stand-alone device which tracks the real-time location of the vehicle and communicates to the down-stream software in a seamless way. It also measures other performance parameters such as vehicle speed, course over ground and sends them to the server along with timestamp.

The tracker has a fully functional GPS module and comes with GSM/GPRS connectivity for downs-stream communications. It also comes with an additional storage which can store up to 100,000 records in case of communication failures. The tracker has a robust power supply with surge protection and self-resetting fuse which provides excellent power supply isolation, reverse polarity protection and protects from surges when connected to vehicle ignition. It also has self-healing and self-correcting mechanism which will ensure reliable and continuous operation in the long-run with no manual intervention.

It's fitted in a heavy duty ABS material which protects the device from normal wear and tear and comes with a flame rating of UL94-5VA. The tracker comes with a rugged metal enclosure with flanges to fit the device in a secure way. It also comes with a lock and key mechanism to secure and protect the device from any misuse. Mastiff™ Reader comes with a sleek design and carries a host of LEDs indicators for various functionalities such as GSM/GPRS, GPS and Power Supply etc. These will be useful during troubleshooting and periodic maintenance. The tracker comes with a small form factor, light-weight and carries an excellent appeal. It complies with standards such as EMI/EMC, FCC and CE making it fully qualified for international deployments with minimum changes.


  • Input Voltage: Wide voltage input range (9 V to 36 V) with built-in ON/OFF power
  • GSM/GPRS: Quad-band GSM/GPRS multi-slot class 10, Downlink (max)-85.6 kbps, Uplink (Max)-42.8 kbps
  • GPS: GPS receiver with high sensitivity up to -160 dBm
  • Memory: Extended Memory Storage to store up to 100,000 records
  • Reliability: True Self-healing and Self-recovering Device from any fatal errors
  • Power Supply Protection: Capable of withstanding surges and voltage spikes of 6 KV Protected by Self-resetting Fuse
  • Compliance: EMI/EMC, FCC and CE Standards
  • Device Access: Mini USB for device configuration, site maintenance and troubleshooting
  • LED Indications: GPRS, GSM, GPS, Power Supply Indications
  • Data Format for down-stream communications: XML Format
  • Software: Bundled with a user configuration software to configure the device settings


  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Fleet Management
  • Container Tracking
  • Internet Gateway for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Machine to Machine Communication (M2M)
  • Remote Monitoring Applications
  • Telemetric applications

Product Colour black black black
Track and Trace using GPS andGSM/GPRS
Flash Memory to store data during GPRS failures Up to 1 days records Up to 2 days records Up to 5 days records
SMS Fall Back
Software for Device Configuration
Secure Mounting and protection by lock and key
Analog Inputs/Outputs (maximum)   3 each 3 each
Digital Inputs/Outputs (maximum)   3 each 3 each
Power Backup to run the device up to 48 hours  
Power Disconnect Detection  
Hooter for Deterrence  
Tamper Alert Notification  
OTA Device Configuration  
Accident/Harsh Breaking/Sudden Accident Detection  
Integrated Active RFID for Driver Authentication/Personnel Tracking    
OTA Device Programming    
  1. Metal enclosure
  2. Mini USB Cable
  3. In-built SD Card for Data Storage
  1. Metal enclosure
  2. Mini USB Cable
  3. In-built SD Card for Data Storage
  4. Backup batteries
  5. Matching 20-pin Molex connector with wires for power supply/ADC
  1. Metal enclosure
  2. Mini USB Cable
  3. In-built SD Card for Data Storage
  4. Backup batteries
  5. Matching 20-pin Molex connector with wires for power supply/ADC